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карта Лясковец

 Many legends, documents and archeological findings unearthed in the vicinity of the town of Lyaskovets , among which is the recently found roman winepress, prove that wine-producing is one of the oldest crafts practiced by the people of Lyaskovets . In the distant 1863 they founded a society “Bee” and in the middle of XX century, fascinated by the magic of champagne, cava and prosecco, their followers were the first in Bulgaria who started the production of natural sparkling wines. On the one hand the secret is in the specific climate conditions of the north Bulgarian vine–growing region where the vineyards are, and the other hand the centuries-old tradition combined with the scientific and technological skills of the personnel producing quality white and red wine and perfect brandies. Today our trade marks are a leader in the category “sparkling wine” and are liked better for every meal.